Animal-shoesDear Representatives!

Some new clothing and shoes in catalogue 4/2020 will be available to order at a later date. Supply has been delayed for technical reasons.

Will be available by 28 February:

PMW059 Women's Classic Pumps, black.
PMW060 Women's Classic Pumps, beige.
SNW028 Women's Sylvia Sandals, beige.
DSW014 Women's Leona Boots, bright brown.

Will be available by 2 March:

KDW031 Women's Crystal Sneakers, blue.
KDW015 Women's Ophelia Sneakers, white.
KDW016 Women's Ophelia Sneakers, blue.
SSM015 Men's Rico Sneakers, blue.
SSM016 Men's Rico Sneakers, grey.
SSM017 Men's Rico Sneakers, black.
KDW017 Women's Ophelia Sneakers, dusty rose.
KDW021 Women's Christie Sneakers, beige.
KDW030 Women's Crystal Sneakers, white.

Will be available by 22 March:

SSB013 Boys' Enrique Sneakers, white.
SSB014 Boys' Enrique Sneakers, blue.
KDW022 Women's Christie Sneakers, dark turquoise.
KDW025 Women's Benita Slip-on Shoes, white/blue.
KDW026 Women's Benita Slip-on Shoes, beige.
KDW027 Women's Celeste Sneakers, white/silver.
KDW020 Women's Laura Sneakers, white.
KDW023 Women's Christie Sneakers, white.

Will be available by 1 March:

040B3201 Boys' Cargo Trousers, khaki.
040B2801 Boys' Embroidered Polo Shirt, dark blue, khaki, green.
040B3102 Boys' Jeans, blue.

Will be available by 12 March:

040M2801 Men's Embroidered Polo Shirt, blue, khaki, green.

We apologise for any inconvenience!

the Faberlic team