BuildingWe are receiving a high volume of questions in connection with the spread of coronavirus. Our Representatives are worried that there may be a deficit of Faberlic products, that the company might shut down for the duration of the quarantine, and that Representatives may have trouble working.

In EU and CIS countries where quarantine has already been announced, our company is still operating. Offices in Europe are working remotely. Warehouses, online orders, and delivery are operating as usual.

If a similar quarantine is announced in Russia, Faberlic will remain in business. We will strictly follow all laws and take all restrictive measures ordained by the government. The company will continue to work within this framework.

We are increasing production of our current surface disinfecting product – Universal antibacterial cleaner, art. 11136. Also, we are currently working on releasing a new disinfecting product that can be used on skin.

the Faberlic team