Faschion-school-competWant to become a Faberlic model, to have your photo grace our catalogue pages? You have every chance! Tell us about yourself in the contest on our Instagram page and become the face of our new clothing collection. Women of any age, height, build, or type can participate. The world of fashion is open for everyone!

The rules are simple:

  • Post a photo of you in Faberlic clothing (from the 2020 collections) on Instagram before 2 June 2020.
  • Tag these accounts: @faberlic.official and @faberlic.fashion.style.
  • Write why you should be the face of the new collection, and how working with Faberlic stylists will change your life.
  • Use the hashtag #хочувкаталогфаберлик.

Your prize: a photo shoot for Faberlic's autumn collection. A team of the best stylists from the Faberlic Fashion & Style School under the direction of fashion godfather Andrey Burmatikov will work with you.

Photo shoot dates: July-August 2020. The photo shoot will last one day. Faberlic will cover transportation.

We welcome entrants from Russia, CIS countries, and Europe!

Full contest rules can be found here >>