Question: Why do the product tubes have a black dash on them? A friend of mine says: a black dash means that this cosmetic product contains only chemical ingredients, and the lighter this dash is, the more organic the product is.

Experts answer: One remark for those who haven’t noticed this packaging detail before. The upper back side of a tube, right in the middle of the seam, you can see a small vertical dash, about one centimeter long.

What does it mean? The packaging machine at the manufacturing line uses this dash to identify the correct side of a tube before sealing it.

A coloured dash helps the machine to detect that all required text (product name, usage direction) were placed exactly in the middle of the tube, so that you could read them afterwards. The dash is always of a contrasting colour to the tube, and its colour is strictly specified, like black or white. It is made to let the machine find the mark and identify the middle of a tube. It is in no way connected to the quantity of chemical ingredients in the product formula.