stepstepTo keep its beauty, your skin needs energy! A set of Global Oxygen face care products will be an irreplaceable source of energy for your skin! We are giving a Moisturizing Face Cream, Balm and Face Mask to everyone who registers with Faberlic from 12 April to 2 May and makes a purchase in period №06/2021.

Global Oxygen is a series of products with a maximum concentration of oxygen complex – an endless source of energy for the renewal of your skin. 

All Day Face Moisturizer (5796) is created to increase skin’s suppleness and density. Your skin looks more radiant and naturally beautiful with each day.

Oxygen Balm (5806) is a universal product to keep your skin beautiful and comforted. Activating all biological processes in your skin, it accelerates skin's self-renewal and starts detoxification. Soothes your skin and eases discomfort. Restores your skin’s barrier function. You skin looks more supple, softer, and radiant.

Oxygen Face Mask (5795) provides quick and long-lasting hydration, and locks in moisture like a magnet. Infuses your skin with oxygen. Use it every time you need to awaken your skin and activate local microcirculation.

To get the gift:

  1. Register on from 12 April to 2 May.
  2. Place and pay for an order of 1399 RUB* or more (after 20% discount is applied) before 2 May.
  3. From 3 to 23 May get an All Day Face Moisturizer (5796), Oxygen Balm (5806), and Oxygen Face Mask (5795) with another order of 1000 RUB or more as a gift (for 1 RUB).

Also: place your first order of 1000 rub. or more with Faberlic in the first 24 hours after you register and get another nice surprise - a set of home cosmetics products in mini versions: learn more!

Being a new Faberlic customer means savings! Learn more about how to get Faberlic bestseller sets at great prices: view the terms of the Starting Program >>

*Excluding delivery cost.

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