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UTM Parameters

When do I use UTM parameters
When do I use UTM parameters
  • You send mailings to your list of clients using instant messengers or email and want to know how effective this or that mailing is.
  • You are running an advertising campaign on Google, Yandex or making posts on social networks and want to know where your users come from.
  • You use other ways to attract potential clients and want to learn more about where they come from.
How do I use UTM parameters
How do I use UTM parameters
  1. Enter target page URL in the Enter Page Address block.
  2. Select one of the pre-configured options in the Traffic Source block, depending on what Internet resource you are preparing a link for - WhatsApp, VKontakte, etc.
    You can also enter your values in the Required Parameters block.
  3. Use a ready-made link to post on your chosen online resource.
  4. Using reports in your personal profile, analyze which traffic sources and advertising campaigns are more effective and concentrate your resources on them.
What is UTM parameter?
What is UTM parameter?

These are special parameters added to link address (URL) placed on third-party resources. They allow you to track where a particular client came from.

Required UTM parameters

utm_source — Name of advertising platform

Used to indicate name of traffic source – yandex, yandex, vk

utm_medium — Used to determine type of advertisement or company.
  • cpc — contextual advertising (cost per click, pay per click)
  • email — Mailing
  • social — social media

utm_campaign — This parameter will allow you to distinguish one advertising campaign from another in statistics. This required parameter can be set optionally.

  • utm_campaign=kosmetika_dlya_doma — advertising campaign for home care products
  • utm_campaign=reklama_krema_02_2022 — cream advertisement in February 2022

UTM parameters in URLs are separated from each other using character &

Example of link with UTM parameters

http://faberlic.com/ru?sponsornumber=1111111&utm_source=vkontakte&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=kosmetika_dlya_doma Parameter UTM parameter Page address Value
Parameter generation rules
How to avoid mistakes when forming UTM parameters
  • Do not use characters #, &, = in parameters
Generator automatically
  • transliterates Cyrillic to Latin;
  • converts all characters to lowercase;
  • converts all spaces to underscore (_).