Question: My client says that the difference between day creams and night creams is just a sales pitch to sell more units of the same cream.

Please specify the difference between a day cream and a night cream, can we use just one sort of cream both in the morning and in the evening?

The answer is provided by Irina Golyanina, Chief of the Faberlic Oxygen Cosmetics Division.

Experts answer: The difference between day and night creams is not only in packaging but in their formula and benefits. Our skin works at night not like it does during the day.

At night, you don’t need to protect your skin from negative effects of sun, city dust, dry wind. During the night, your skin needs active nutrition and restoration. That is why night creams are usually richer and thicker. If you apply a night cream during the day, you may feel uncomfortable as it creates an oily sheen and problems with applying makeup.

Day creams usually contain SPF ingredients that prevent skin pigmentation and photoaging. Day cream acts like a makeup base, so it has a lighter texture, not so thick as night creams have.

So, you can’t replace a day cream with a night cream, and vice versa. All skin care programmes and collections are developed by cosmetology experts, trust them in taking care of your skin and be beautiful!