Question: Why have Faberlic cosmetics become more affordable? How did you manage to reduce prices while maintaining product quality?

Expert Answer: Almost every woman can cook a delicious meal when there is money and food available. But being able to do this while still saving on the home budget is a special talent. The same with cosmetics. It’s easy to achieve good results with expensive and high-quality beauty products.

Few companies in the world can balance their cosmetic recipes to be both effective and economical at the same time.

We have launched several programs that have made our products more affordable for consumers. In short, they are listed as follows:

1. Hunting for super-active ingredients. We are constantly searching for active and effective, yet inexpensive ingredients. Selection prerequisite – they must all have clinically proven effectiveness!

2. There are no middlemen. We only use direct delivery, so we removed all middlemen from our supply chains!

3. Effective product package design. We use simple but effective packaging. The usual practice of creating cosmetic products suggests that 70 - 80%(!) of its cost is from the package, and only 20-30% is from the composition of the product itself. In our case the opposite is true!

4. Production process optimization. Our factory is equipped with powerful automatic product packaging lines. The speed and optimization of our production process significantly saves on the finished product cost.

5. Our people are our most valuable asset! We are very careful in our recruiting process. All our product process participants are highly skilled, thoughtful professionals who know and love their work. Each of them feels that they are fulfilling their purpose in life. And every day each of them guards the interests of our customers. This is our system’s most important rule!