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prolixir-imQuestion: We have noticed the new Prolixir series in the catalogue and were very excited. Still, we have a question. Why does the girl in the video say 30+ while the catalogue indicates it as 25+?

Expert's answer: Age preference for cosmetic products is a very relative parameter. It should be defined individually and relies more on your skin condition than your chronological age. The said skin condition depends on a person’s lifestyle, endocrine profile, climate conditions and other factors. So the usage directions in the video show the average age of people that use these products – 30+.

The basic products from the Prolixir seies can be safely used as early as age 25, primarily to maintain the optimal skin hydrobalance. It is extremely important in case of low air humidity. Skin dryness causes premature wrinkling. As for the Serum, it actively fights the visible signs of skin aging, i.e. fine lines that appear on a well-conditioned skin only after the age of 35. So the Serum should be used for treating evident problems: fine lines or very dry skin.

The video ends with a right phrase: “Recommended to utterly everyone!”. That means that you should choose skin care products depending on your real skin condition and use the 25+ or 30+ tags only for additional reference.

Prolixir – чемпион по увлажнению!