childQuestion: Please advise whether Faberlic gels can be used for washing children clothes?

Answers Ekaterina Lobasova, director of cosmetics for home division.

Experts answer: The range of Faberlic products includes washing products that contain delicate, natural surfactants. They are developed with due regard to the latest scientific trends, thus can be used even for children clothes.

Still, as responsible manufacturers, we recommend you to be extremely careful while choosing washing products for newborn baby clothes (regardless of the brand you choose – ours or any other company).

Whatever is written on the product packaging, you should consider the individual reaction of each newborn baby to a skin care product, nutrition or even tap water, which is unpredictable even by doctors. All mothers know that some babies can be allergic to the most common and neutral-looking products, such as apples or semolina porridge. So, whatever washing product you choose for newborn baby clothes, first do a test washing of 1-2 items and see whether your baby has individual reaction that can happen even to the safest surfactants.

The mission of our company is not to sell products no matter what. We protect your health and safety, so we are extremely responsible with any statements that we make. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our products, but with a newborn, extra precautions are a must.