How to spend less time on house cleaning and keeping everything clean and have some free time to contact your friends, enjoy your hobby or skin care routines?

Here are 10 tips from us that will help you manage your household chores more efficiently every day, leaving your weekends free for yourself and your family.

Tip 1. Divide your home into sectors and sort out only one of them each day, spending not more than 30 minutes. All house cleaning activities will go almost unnoticed, and at the end of the week you won’t face a huge list of chores.

Tip 2. Simple and efficient solution to fight scale is a package of citric acid. Add it to your washing powder or into your dishwashing machine to prevent scale. Faberlic Concentrated Dishwashing Gel lets you forget about this tip, as it softens the pipe water.

Tip 3. Storage problems and time-consuming search of necessary items can be easily handled with drawer dividers: put them into your dressers and boxes. You’ll see, it will be much easier to maintain order!

Tip 4. Liquid Kitchen Soap– is your loyal and essential assistant. It saves time greatly, as now you can wash off any kitchen odours from your hands or cutting boards in one go and without extra effort.

Tip 5. Extra Oxy helps you not only for washing clothes. Use it to easily and quickly remove dirt from kitchen surfaces (sinks, stoves, tile), fight tea and coffee stains from dishes and Thermo pots, polish them to ultimate shine.

Tip 6. In order, not to wash toothbrush containers – source of bacteria - every day, wipe it after wash with a cotton pad, soaked in chlorhexidine, and the number of water procedures will be reduced to once a week.

Tip 7. It won’t be easy, but learn your family to clean after themselves immediately – instantly destroying evidence of their littering, they will do half of your job.

Tip 8. Discard all items beyond repair, as well as those that you can’t fix for more than three months. Don’t waste time and space onto illusory hopes.

Tip 9. Use special Cleaning Wipes— they are easy to handle, hygienic and quickly remove dirt. Unlike regular washcloths, special wipes are designed each for its own surface, besides, they have dustproof effect, so you can reduce your cleaning moments.

Tip 10. No matter how large your list if chores looks, always start your morning with cleaning yourself up: That will help you tune to work, even if you are not planning to leave home. Be ready for a good day, full of surprises, and all tasks will be completed much faster!

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