home-cleaning-1It happens often that you don’t have a special product at hand: for example, you have spilled fruit juice and there is no special shampoo for carpets in your house, or you can’t get rid of dirt that stains your white furniture.

Faberlic multifunctional products come to rescue in such cases – just one product can become your magic wand for many situations.

1.Concentrated Universal Cleaner

This product is perfect for cleaning off obstinate stains from any surface in your home: mop the floors and clean furniture, wipe tile in the bathroom and in the kitchen, and everything will be sparkling clean. Besides, you don’t have to wash it off or put gloves while using it – the product has passed dermatological tests that confirmed its absolute safety for your hands and for your health.

2. Leather Cleaning Wipes

Use them not only for cleaning your house but for belts, gloves and even car interior as well. These wipes clean leather and give it a natural shine, they soften surfaces and sustain colour, leaving no stroke marks or fibres. Keep them in your purse: wipe will be extremely handy to clean your shoes when it rains.

3. Washing Liquid

The product is based on ingredients of botanical origin. It handles grease residue, keeps and intensifies shine, can be used for 0+ baby dishes. You can also use this product to wash vegetables and fruit, it is completely washable and leaves no residue harmful for your health.

4. Universal Oxygen Stain Remover

Apart from its main function – remove stains from both white and coloured fabrics (including delicate) during the washing cycle – this product can be used for cleaning carpets, furniture upholstery, kitchen surfaces and dishes from grease, tea and coffee stains.

5. Oven Cleaning Gel

Perfect for handling burnt-on stains on stoves and oven, but that’s not its only function! After washing your stove use the same sponge (the product is concentrated and extremely foaming) to clean your kitchen sink from grease, dirt and food residue. Your kitchen will look brand new!