What does your home smell with? Warm milk, fresh bakery, spicy herbs? Or maybe old wood, burning sparklers and sheep wool blankets? Smell of home is unique like a baby’s first smile, lights on a Christmas tree or taste of Granny’s pie.
We can create a unique fragrant picture of our home – complete our usual homey notes with a special fragrance: cozy, relaxing or invigorating. The composition we end up with will be the trademark of your family nest.

Three Parfum d’Ambiance fragrances – three fragrant pictures of your home.

Tendresse wraps your home in a sheer mist of vanilla and sweet coconut, warms and soothes you. Use this fragrance if your home needs more intimate atmosphere to create a perfect background for your domestic happiness. This fragrance is for winter nights, no fuss or haste present.

Vitalité– is a fruity fragrance with bold notes of juicy red apple, mango, tangerine and pineapple. It is a bright day, full of events, meetings and emotions. Such fragrance is perfect to a home where guests are always welcome, great parties held and most crowded Christmas dinners organized!

Energie – is a citrus mix of orange, tangerine, grapefruit and pomelo, invigorating and energizing like a fresh winter morning. First rays of cool sun light up your home, delicately and mysteriously, promising new revelations and magic, while the rooms already smell with unrestrained and stunning joy.

Choose your fragrance and create a unique homey atmosphere for those who you love. Just a few rattan sticks in a vial – and your home is ready for celebrations. Christmas spirit is everywhere, and all the world is tuned to you!