makeup-freeEvery morning many women ask themselves the same question: “Makeup or more sleep?” Someone always gets up with the first alarm signal to create a skilful makeup.

Do we need these powders, shadows, cheek colours and liners in our everyday life? Let’s find out!

Makeup-free Pros

1. You get more free time that you can spend on something useful, for example, on sleep, exercise or more profound skin care.

2. You need to get money from your family budget to buy makeup products, even inexpensive ones. No makeup – no spending!

3. Low-quality products harm your skin. They also make your makeup look cheap: flaking mascara, smudged lipstick… Of course, you can always find products without such problems, to the contrary – ones full of benefits. For instance, many makeup products contain conditioning ingredients. You can use them not only to add colour but to take care of your skin.

4. You have a certain cart blanche. You can cry (of joy, of course), get under the rain, take off and put on a turtleneck hundreds of times throughout a day. No flaking or smearing mascara, mo smudged lipstick. You won’t lose anything if you don’t have that anything.


Makeup-free Contras

1. Saying no to makeup, you can’t hide skin imperfections and highlight your best features. Your friend, not so pretty, transforms into a beauty in a few minutes. Her lips look fuller, lashes longer, skin is glowing, brows are well-shaped – while you settle for what you have.

2. You will look the same day in, day out, while it is such a pleasure to find new edges of your beauty, try various looks! Today you are a heartbreaker, tomorrow – the Snow White. Makeup becomes a method of communication with the world around you. You can use it to share your attitude, your mood, to attract attention.

3. Rubbing eyes, biting nails and lips… Without makeup, you even don’t notice these habits, but they still are bad for you. Start applying makeup, and you will get rid of them very soon!

4. Lack of makeup provides less self confidence to a woman, she is lost among her bright friends. Just powder your nose in the morning, and here they are – your boldness and freedom.

5. If you don’t use makeup, you can forget to clean your face at night, which is bad for your skin. Besides, modern makeup products protect skin from negative environment and condition it.

Some men say that makeup gives zest to women, like pepper in the plate. It is not obligatory but the dish is not perfect without it – too flat. Anyway, using makeup or being natural is up to you. Just enjoy the way you look and be happy!

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