aroma-mini-2Be bright, change every day, enjoy new looks – this is the motto of this spring! If you make a collection of Faberlic mini fragrances, you can experiment not only with your wardrobe and makeup.
Anything that happens in your life – a date or a business meeting, should be emphasized with its own, unforgettable scent. It will remind you afterwards about romantic moments or professional achievements.

Nowadays having one fragrance for any occasion is a bad form. An eau de parfum that suits any circumstances simply doesn’t exist!
Going to a job interview? Don’t use fragrance at all or opt for a very delicate, barely-there scent, like Promenade. Experts say that you should draw attention of your potential employer only with your brilliant skills and knowledge, nothing else. Don’t use any fragrance when you go to a pool or gym.
Office is a place for fresh and clean scents: ocean, citrus, white flowers, such as Kaori. For an outside business meeting use eau de parfum with richer accords, like, O Feerique Sensuelle.

Delicate, feminine scents are perfect if you are going to an important but less formal meeting, let’s say, parent-teacher meeting. Your choice for that case is Intemporel Eau de Parfum.

For a night out with friends you can afford a bright catching scent, warm and sweet. Fortunata Eau de Parfum is a perfect option, a lucky charm for you. Is it possible that tonight a magic happens in your life?

Romantic date is a place to be attractive and desired. Now it is time to show your personality and tell the one you love about your feelings. Sweet and spicy scents – Pont d’Or, Châteaux de la Loire, Coquette – are your choice.

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