lip-imageOpt for a bright look this season and use decorative makeup to achieve the desired effects. 

Intense berry colors set the trend this season. Use the daring lipstick shades to add extra volume to lips and get ready for the exciting summer adventures! Bright lips perfectly match with classic eye lines that are known to be an essential attribute of the makeup of the 1960s.



Step 1. Shape your lips with a penсil (4560).

Start from the center of the upper lip. The newly drawn lip contour should not differ from the natural one by more than 1 millimeter.

Step 2. Contour the lower lip. It is better to do that slowly, with small movements. In this way, the line will look natural and you will avoid mistakes.

Step 3. Draw the line from lip center to corners.

Step 4. Apply lipstick (4624) of the same color as your lip pencil on corners, and leave the center empty. Use a lip brush for better result.

Step 5. To help lips look fuller, apply the lipstick that is two or three tones lighter to the center (4599). Blend the borders carefully. To enhance the effect and add extra volume, dot a bit of lip gloss in the center of your lips.

Lipstick-make eng

Blue, emerald or menthol colors in combination with the unusual eye lines are an absolute must-have this spring. Stay on trend and opt for the distinguished eye makeup look – color line along the lower lashes!

Step 1. Apply the Makeup base on the entire eye area and let it dry. Then use the light shadow on the upper eyelid. Use a wide and soft brush with animal hair to make the application maximum smooth and convenient.

Step 2. Use the eye shadows that are just one tone darker, to highlight the crease. Don’t forget to blend the borders.

Step 3. Take liquid eye liner, for example SkyLine Eye Liner (5431), and draw a well-defined line from the inner to the outer eye corner. To make the edge of the line flawless, try applying a piece of paper to the outer eye corner and draw a line along its border. In this way, the excess eye liner will stay on the paper, enabling you to achieve the desired angle and sharpness.

Step 4. Use the turquoise Ultramodern Kajal (5593) to draw a thick line along the lower eye lashes. Make sure that both lines join in the outer eye corner.

Step 5. In conclusion, separate the lashes carefully with your favourite mascara.

Strelki eng

Emerald color tones hold a special place in the bright makeup wardrobe, making eyes look radiant and charming! Virtuosic Trio Three-Color Eye Shadows Green Meadow (5484) and Ultramodern Kajal Emerald City (5439) perfectly match with each other.

Step 1. Use Make-up Primer Face Control (6217) – to maintain the long-lasting effect, enhance colors and make the application process easier.

Step 2. Apply the medium tone on the upper and along the lower eyelid.

Step 3. Draw a line with an eye pencil, making it slightly thicker towards the outer eye corner. Remember that color lines should be drawn along the entire length of the eyelid.

Step 4. Draw a line along lower lashes and blend it. Whenever drawing lines, make sure they are maximum close to eye lashes, then dot the pencil lightly between them.

Step 5. Apply light eye shadow to the center of the upper eyelid. Use a flat brush for precise application and intense color.

Step 6. Complete your makeup look with the Exciting Curve Curling Mascara (5255).

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