strelki-3Eye defining is a skill that any woman needs, regardless of her age or makeup style. Great results in this difficult task are based on practicing but few basic tips are nice to have!

1. If you are lacking experience in eye defining use brown or gray eyeliner – minor mistakes can be corrected with eyeshadows. Rest your elbow on a table and have enough cotton buds and makeup removing milk.
2. The eye you are working with should be half-closed and eyelid not too stretched – first, it is bad for skin, second, the line won’t get more straight, to the contrary, it will look frayed.

3. Start drawing the line from the inner corner of the eye in short thin strokes, one after another – easier to correct possible mistakes. Make a “draft” of the line, and if everything looks fine, connect the strokes with a long deep line.

The most fabulous, expressive and dramatic lines are created with liquid eyeliner. It provides bright colour and long-lasting, perfectly precise lines. Use the Coloured Galaxy Liquid Eyeliner and be sure that all your experiments are successful!