kids-clothesBaby linens, onesies and baby sheets need special care and treatment to stay comfortable and safe for your baby.

1. Laundry product must be completely washable.
To handle the dirt, you can hardly stay away from surfactants but the components of the most delicate laundry product shouldn’t contact baby skin. Choose laundry detergent, that don’t leave traces on fabric.

2. Wash baby clothes separately.

Other family members may have their own washing cycle. Baby clothes and bed sheets carry special dirt and an extremely soft, besides, you’ll need to wash them frequently. It is extremely important to wash separately the clothes of babies under 12 months.

3. Select the temperature 30-40 degrees.
It is enough to handle everyday dirt while natural fibers are not deformed and stay soft.

4. Extra rinsing is good.
It helps wash off all the traces of the laundry detergent. Wash and spin laundry, leave it into clean water for 15-20 minutes then squeeze and rinse in cool water.

5. Use odourless fabric softener.
Baby clothes should be soft and do not accumulate static electricity, so a fabric softener is a must. Choose products that will provide natural freshness – no scents or fragrances. For example, the Faberlic odourless softener (art. 11236), is recommended for baby clothes 0+.

6. Always steam baby clothes.
Ironing or steaming is a must for baby clothes. You will not only make the fabric smooth but disinfect it.