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Quantity/Volume: 300 mL

Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects are confirmed by the Research and Development Institute of Desinfectology for Russian Consumer Supervision Authority (Ropotrebnadzor)

The product effectively disinfects surfaces of appliances and gadgets, floors, furniture, IT hardware, toys, shoes. Useful and convenient in use during the acute period of viral diseases.

Anti-microbial effect: against pathogens causing acute respiratory diseases of bacterial and viral origins, bacterial intestinal infections, rotavirus gastroenteritis, norovirus infection as well as fungal diseases (candidosis, dermatomycosis).


  • Active anti-microbial effect.
  • Safe* for humans and pets.
  • Prolonged effect.
  • For use at home, in the office, for gadgets, air conditioners, dwellings of pets, toys. Effectively removes bad odours and their reason in shoes.
  • Fit for prevention of plant fungal diseases.

Best for disinfection of:

  • indoor surfaces
  • hard furniture
  • outer surfaces of devices, gadgets (smartphones, telephones, tablets, laptops), IT hardware
  • keys, door handles and switches
  • home air conditioners
  • plumbing equipment
  • personal hygiene products
  • toys
  • shoes.

Made for JSC Faberlic, located at 4, Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia.
Made in:: Russia
alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (0.03%), poly-hexamethylene-biguanide hydrochloride (0.16%) and supplementary ingredients.
How to Use: *strictly follow the instructions for use. To disinfect small surface areas (door handles, switches, taps, keys, smartphone and tablet surfaces, etc.), sanitary and household appliances, spray over the surface and distribute with a tissue over the whole treated areas. Treat the sanitary equipment twice: to prevent bacterial infections, the disinfection is 15 minutes, to prevent candidosis and viruses - 30 minutes, dermatomycosis - 120 minutes.For toys and personal hygienic products, spray twice or wipe with a textile tissue soaked in the cleaner twice, with 15 minutes interval. For bacterial infections, hold the cleaner on the surface for 30 minutes, for candidosis and viral infections - for 45 minutes, for dermatomycosis - for 120 minutes. After the disinfection holding time, rinse the toys with water.Spray over outer and inner surfaces of shoes twice, with 15 minutes interval. The disinfection holding time for shoes is 120 minutes. It effectively removes bacteria - the reason for bad odours.

Safety precautions: Always use moisture-proof gloves. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Store in the original packaging at temperature of max. 25°C away from food and drugs. Keep out of reach of children.

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Shustova K.
Очень хорошее средство, спасаемся в сезон простуд. Быстро идём на поправку
Irina G.
Очень хорошее средство. Помогает бороться с цветочными вредителями!!!!
Konstantziya S.
Очень классное средство, беру уже не в первый раз! Подруга сказала, что теперь в туалетном лотке для кошки после этого средства устранился плохой запах. Муж обувь обработал и теперь запаха нет в обуви. Рекомендуем средство!
Yuliya T.
Средство приятно пахнет, НО когда пользуешься, клапан пропускает и средство протекает по бутылочке.
Marina S.
С помощью этого средства убрали грибок на стене.
Sof'Ya G.
Запах сладенький, приятный. В использовании удобен
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